Mr. Vichit Xindavong (Lao)

Senior Vice President of the AIF Group

He studied Chinese Literature and history in Peking University, the People’s Republic  of China, and undertook a number of short term and long term courses in various countries including   Australia and the United States. Mr. Vichit, a fluent Chinese speaker, joined Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1980, and through his diplomatic career, he became Director General of Asia, Pacific and Africa Department, Lao Ambassador to Australia and Lao Ambassador to People’s Republic of China, and finally became the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs before he was appointed as the  Vice Chairman of the Lao – China Cooperation Commission in 2012.  During his diplomatic career, he was posted to China for more than 13 years, which he have acquired a deep Knowledge on China, and had also built the good relations with many senior officers and  leaders of China as well as a number of Chinese Enterprises.

As Permanent Secretary of Ministry Foreign Affairs, with a good understanding on the international affairs, he had played a part in broaden the cooperation between Laos and the International communities through his close working relationship with senior officers of the partner countries, particularly of the ASEAN’s member countries.  As a  Vice Chairman of the Lao – China Cooperation Commission, he has involved in promoting  and dialogued with many Chinese Enterprises, and resulted in the investment  in Laos with the combined investment value of more than 10 billion USD from 2012 to 2018 by the Chinese Enterprises, he was also assigned on many committees to work with the Chinese delegations for many important projects in Laos including the  6 USD billion Lao – China railway project. Mr. Vichit retired from the public services at the end of 2018 and joint the AIF Group in the beginning of 2019.